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There are different set of rules and protocols for Gram Panchayat and HMDA plots.

Understandably, Gram Panchayat plots are the layouts designed by the village governing body. These layouts do not come within the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA). Lands in the Gram Panchayat have prescribed protocols for agriculture, residential and commercial construction, and conversion. 

  • Plots should not be situated within 10 meters for residential construction and 12 m for other of an existing or proposed road
  • 10 percent of the minimum open space rate for the total area
  • The residential plot size should be a  minimum of 300 sq m
  • Commercial buildings should be a minimum of 18 sq m

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority includes different layout plans keeping in view the city’s growth and development. Developers and builders need to seek approval from HMDA for the same.

  • Buyers have to check RERA registration and HMDA approval and before that check the relevant approvals at the official website of RERA
  • As per sections 19 and 20, HMDA Act 2008, the approval and authorization of development should be provided to the new plot, project, or layout. Unapproved layouts can be subjected to auction as per the HMDA Act 2008
  • Information about the surrounding greenery, open space, minimum width of adjoining roads, infrastructure, utility connections, and recreational facilities of residential projects and plots should be provided to customers.

It is safe to invest in Gram Panchayat Land, as well as HMDA plots. However, the buyer has to check whether the land has been converted from Agricultural to Non-agricultural land, as per the process. A conversion fee applies. Understandably, Gram Panchayat layout rules apply only if the plot does not fall under HMDA or DTCP-approved layouts. 

There is an additional benefit while investing in HMDA approved plots. HMDA-approved plots come with guaranteed infrastructure development. For such plots, the developer/buyer is obliged to provide amenities such as a proper water system, drainage system, and electrification.

So, it is always safe to invest in HDMA-approved plots as they are free of legal issues and ensure easy bank loans. Siyora Properties & Developers Pvt Ltd has completed 18 residential plots ventures which are all HMDA approved. All details of the respective layout approvals can be checked at HMDA website.

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